Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

This weekend has been a perfect fall weekend so far! It rained Friday night but by Saturday morning here the rain had passed, the sun was out and it was a cool morning. Earlier in the week my sister in law decided we needed to have a family dinner since we hadn’t all been together since our wedding. I decided to male my aunt Barbs beefy cheeseball and some slutty brownies. We ate chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes; comfort food for a cool fall day!

I decided since I missed my high five Friday I would post about some fall favorites today. Below are picture of two things I love about fall.

#1. Hedge Apples
Until I met Kyle, I never knew the benefits of hedge apples actually I don’t think I even knew what they were! They come from a hedge tree and have the magic to keep spiders and bugs away. I’m not making this up; there is something in the scent that spiders and some bugs don’t like. Today on our way home from town Kyle showed me the honey hole for these. We picked a bag full and are now scattered around the house. I tried to make them decorative by putting them in pretty containers.

#2. Moms Snack Mix
I’m sure my mom wasn’t the first to make this treat but she gets the credit on this one. This mix is the perfect combo of sweet and salty; peanuts and candy corn. Yummy!

Happy Weekend!

The Country Wife

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