Taxi Driver

Without a doubt, I always look forward to fall; mostly because of harvest. For those of you that don’t know, this time of year in Ohio is when farmers are harvesting the corn and soybeans in the fields. Tonight while helping the hubby, his brother and father, I got to play the role of taxi driver and food delivery girl. While I may not be skilled enough to drive the big trucks I can definitely help move vehicles and people around. After moving down to this part of Ohio I had to change my way of thinking when it came to harvest and dinner time.

When I was younger we would make what we considered “field friendly” meals. It could be anything from lasagna and bread to cheesy potatoes and meat loaf. Well down in this neck of the woods (or at least with the hub’s family) field friendly is lunch meat, chips and an apple. Occasionally the M-I-L will make a burger or some subs, but usually its nothing fancy. Tonight it was lunch meat warmed up on some burger buns…not my idea of a good meal. I am doing my best to adjust to this but sometimes I just want to tell them I’m bringing good food and they must stop for 10 minutes to eat.  Maybe some day…

Well for tonight this is all I got. We just got home from an evening at the farm and its almost time for some Duck Dynasty! This show is by far a very entertaining one.

God Bless and have a great night!!

The Country Wife


One thought on “Taxi Driver

  1. Nick and the Herringshaw men are the same as the Domers. Lunch meat and chips and a Mountain Dew or Diet Pepsi (depending on which Herringshaw you are)–that’s the meal of choice. But that’s because Darlene has said she refuses to take them food, so they have to pack it up ahead of time 🙂

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