Frosty The Snowman!

Oh Monday, how I was not looking forward to your return.I don’t know a single person who was looking forward to the weekend being over. For one, I could have used another nights sleep to make up for my busy weekend. If we are Facebook friends, you know that I was busy quilting this weekend and if you saw my previous post from this weekend, you know I was up early. 5:30 on a Saturday morning early!! It was nice to spend Friday evening relaxing at home, but after that it was go, go, go.

Driving home Saturday wasn’t too bad; I got my coffee, saw the sunrise and made great time because no one else was up. The worst part? Not getting to stop at my favorite little Amish store. Its a bulk dry goods store, but also has sweet treats, cheese, meat, and a lot of neat gifts. I love stopping there and try to every time we go home; however they don’t open until 8. I was there well before 8 and didn’t want to wait…oh well, there is always next time.

Our Saturday sewing adventure was a blast! We got to walk through the fabric shop and pick out which patterns/colors we wanted for our quilts. Then went to the back and began cutting…Luckily before we cut too much, we figured out we were reading directions wrong. Note to self: Always double read directions when cutting fabric! Below is a picture of my almost finished quilt. I just need to fray all the seams and sew on Frosty’s facial features.

Photo: All sewn! Just need to fray the back!

Did anyone else get some good sewing in? Or work on other projects this weekend? I would love to hear what you accomplished. 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Monday, and I know as soon as I am done eating and gone to the grocery I will come home and take a nap…which makes my Monday great!

The Country Wife




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