Welcome Back, Country Wife!

Ok so its been almost 1 whole month since I have posted and my best excuse is not having time! I realize I could post little bits here and there but I guess I wanted to do more than that (which is going to change)! I work for a company that does a large portion of its sales though catalogs, and as 2013 is just around the corner, so was the production of our biggest catalog of the year. Basically after sitting at a computer all day and working on things for that, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and do more computer work. Luckily, the worst part is over and I can get into the holiday mood and back into the things I like to do; like blogging!

I was thinking on my drive to work today that Christmas is coming and reminded myself how much fun I had doing the 12 Crafts of Christmas on my Crafty Enough? blog last year. I think I will do the same thing this year!! Even if I didn’t have a lot of readers or visits, it was a good reason to spend more time in my craft room. Also, this year since I’m married and the house is technically mine too, I feel more apt to decorate and change things around.

Speaking of changing things around…look what I did last night! Kyle was chopping corn stalks and I had some time to clean/fold laundry/catch up on tv. I found the head of an old landscape rake that I used 2 years ago at the Farmers Market selling jewelry. I have one of these in my craft room that I put my jewelry, sunglasses, hair ties, etc, on but needed to figure out what to do with the last one. I had seen a lot of different uses on Pinterest for these (wine glass rack, kitchen spoon holder, jewelry, pearls). But last night while trying to figure out where to hang in the kitchen…it hit me! I should use it as a hand towel rack!

Since we redid our bathroom a year ago, I’ve been missing a hand town rack. After suggesting multiple times that we buy one, I just decided this would be the perfect thing. What do you think? What other uses can you think of for an old rake?

Also in my effort to be productive and get into the Christmas spirit I put up my tree tonight! I absolutely love the tree skirt; it was a shower gift from a good family friend. Happy holidays 🙂2012-11-28 20.58.03.jpg

The Country Wife


4 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Country Wife!

  1. I love the rake as a towel rack! I love finding new uses for old things! My husband…not so much, so I don’t get to utilize it much in our house. Now I can enjoy YOUR creativity! Thanks. 🙂

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