A Rite Of Passage

Growing up I always watched my mom and grandma mix up goodies using their KitchenAid mixers, so when the time came to register for wedding gifts I knew I would have one on my list! I got it for a shower gift but in the whirl wind of wedding planning and the wedding I have yet to use it…hard to believe, right?! But tonight after cleaning up the kitchen I decided I needed to create a home for this brushed steel beauty. We don’t have a big kitchen or a lot of counter space, but lets be honest, if something is sitting on your counter your more apt to use it; therefore, on my counter it will sit!


Tomorrow morning I have big plans for my mixer! I’m going to whip up one of my holiday favorite treats: Divinity. This was something my mom always made to add to her cookie trays during the Christmas season. I was going to tackle it tonight but if you refer to a previous post, I’m not always the best at baking/cooking late at night!  I’m also excited to try out some of the wonderful recipes that cam in my KitchenAid mixer cook book!

Stay tuned for my post on divinity, hopefully I can get some good pictures taken while cooking!

The Country Wife



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