Sunday Stills – Version 1

today: cleaning the kitchen and living room. Also celebrating the birth of Grandpa Ireland, Don and Amy!

want to be: prepared for a very busy week ahead. Also want to be strong enough to follow my diet this week.

blessings: having such a wonderful family with my in-laws.

about how much work there is to do at work this week.

 my meals for the week and everything that I need to do before Christmas

 thank you notes and Christmas cards.

loving: snuggling under a warm blanket and getting to relax a little this evening.

grateful: for family, for life, for my dog.

favorite pic: the menu cover to one of the best little hole in the wall restaurants i know!

After reading my good friend Kirsta write Sunday Stills for a while, I thought it would be a perfect way to reflect on the past week. Thanks to Kirsta ( for showing me this great idea from

 Sunday stills take about five minutes to write – it’s my intentional way to ponder the week that has passed and to prep for the week to come. It’s a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday.

The Country Wife



Lessons Learned in 4-H – Part One (of many!)

Tomorrow at work we are having a bake sale! Not only am I excited for yummy goodies but I’m also excited to show off sell some of my own treats! One thing I learned while taking numerous cooking projects in 4-H is that presentation can make or break your dish. I know this sounds silly to think that a bunch of 4-H kids were worrying about their food presentation, but its true! I remember each year before judging we would pick out the food we were making and then a theme to go with it. For instance, for my Star Spangled Foods project I think I made some sort of green beans with bacon and maybe a desert (we didn’t have to make our whole menu). To display my food, I remember exactly what place mat I used (looked like the flag), what flowers were on the table and what dishes I used. My food may not have been the best but I knew that I would get high points for how neat my place setting looked.

As I get ready for tomorrow bake sale, I’m remembering the same thing. Even if my treats aren’t the best tasting there (probably will be), I know they will look the cutest. Sure I could have just tossed them on a paper plate and slid them inside a zip-lock baggie like most people will probably do, but do they look as cute as this:

random 015b

Jars full of buckeyes, rebel bars and caramel bars! Dressed up with simple Christmas fabric over the lid, and a hand made mason jar tag.

random 020b

All the goodies for tomorrow! Jars of candy, cookies and then two assorted boxes…yummy!

random 022b

Just a closer look at the mason jar tags…cute right?

How do you like to add your own special touch to things, especially around the holidays? I think just a touch of ribbon, a bow or something unique makes things look so much better!

The Country Wife

P.S. Look for more posts about Lessons Learned in 4-H!! I might even entertain guest posts…comment if interested!

2012 Time Capsule

Recently I started following The Daily Post on WordPress, which gives daily prompts to write about on your blog. There have been some great ideas but until I got this one this morning I hadn’t actually thought about writing a post based on it. Today’s prompt was “Time Capsule” – what would I put in a 2012 time capsule? At first, a few ideas started coming right away to me, like one of our wedding programs/invites, a picture of our family, something from the presidential election, maybe something that shows the technology of 2012…but then I thought there needs to be more; something more fun!
So after careful thinking below is what I would place in a time capsule and why…

1. Wedding Invite – Just something exciting from 2012!
2. Magazine – One that would show style and fashion today.
3. CD – They probably won’t have these in a decade or two.
4. 2012 Calendar – Just a general thing
5. News article from election – I didn’t save any newspapers from when Obama was re-elected, and even though I didn’t vote for him, I do admit this was a pretty big thing for the US.
6. Tupperware Keychain – I sell it and who knows how much things will change by the time someone opens it!
7. Newspaper from Today – Another thing that may not be around in a decade or two.
8. Mini-Tractor – A symbol of our life as farmers.
9. Penny and Dollar Bill – I feel like these are both something else that could be non existent in a few decades! Besides maybe the person who digs it up would get rich finding money from 2012 😉
10. Special Note – Would write something down for whoever finds our little time capsule. Just talking about who we are and what we do.


Now the final question is what the heck would I do with it?! Bury it in the yard (no one may ever find it)? Shove it in the back of our closet? Place it in the attic? Where would you put your time capsule??

The Country Wife

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

This weekend I finally had the chance to be product and finish up some loose ends on different projects. I also was finally able to wrap some Christmas presents. Thanks to my annual girls shopping trip with my best friend Erin, and some planning ahead, I would say 95% of my shopping is done. I’ve been saving up lots of different boxes to use for wrapping, including old cracker boxes, velveeta cheese boxes, boxes from wedding present, all sorts of things. I got the idea of using old boxes from my mother who often uses cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, pizza boxes or anything else around the house – so resourceful! Why waste money paying for extra boxes when you can use what you have! I’m so glad I had the time to wrap presents and was able to get most of my presents taken up to my parents this weekend so its one less thing we have to worry about packing when we head north for Christmas.

Well my inspiration for writing tonight is going slowly fading. Enjoy some pictures to get you into the Holiday spirit! Have a wonderful week!


Our first tree as a married couple 🙂


Cookie baker in training!


Funny candle I found at Marshalls

The Country Wife


So it seems like every week I have some sort of post about how I planned to blog more. Its also filled with excuses of why I haven’t been posting. Like tonight I had some time to write but instead I did other things; like dishes, wrap presents and edit pictures. My fellow bloggers and readers (I know there are a few) …my question for you is how do you make “you” time? Is it normal to feel bad about doing things, like blogging, when I should be doing other (possibly more productive) thing?

On a side note… CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND!


The Country Wife

Clean Eating Challenge – Day #1

Happy Monday! Ok, maybe not so happy; its rainy and gloomy is southwest Ohio today. Regardless, we must start a new week and I’m trying to my best to start a good note. Starting today I am taking part of a Clean Eating Challenge…and no that doesn’t mean I am washing my food with soap and water! The goal is to eat less processed foods and fuel your body with natural options. Now, if you know me, you know we didn’t grow up eating organic food or salads for every meal or things deemed “Natural”. But as I look at things we ate growing up, many probably classified as natural because they came from the farm; like fresh garden veggies or home raised meat. As I start my challenge this week I am beginning to explore some new foods as well as working in those comfort foods from my youth.

I started my day off with a Jimmie Dean Delights French Toast Breakfast Sandwich; while not 100% clean, it was turkey sausage and was also in my freezer and I’m not about to let my hard earned money go to waste! My lunch was much better and I had a grilled chicken tender with quinoa, greek yogurt and an orange. If you haven’t tried quinoa, DO! I think its a perfect replacement for rice and doesn’t give you such a bloated feeling but more of a full feeling after eating it. Supper time came and much to K’s dismay, I made turkey burgers with some roasted veggies and quinoa. Ok, well I actually let him make regular hamburgers for himself…and he put left over sausage gravy on his roasted veggies. He doesn’t dislike this food, but he says, “Its no steak and potatoes!” I agree its not the same as a great, juicy, grilled t-bone, but for an everyday meal it isn’t bad.

Last night I stocked up at the store and honestly I’m kind of excited for our clean eating challenge! This challenge is like entering to the unknown but knowing that something good will come from it. every great journey begins with the first step! Hopefully ya’ll enjoy hearing and learning about my journey. If you want to know more about the challenge comment or message me and I can get you more info!
The Country Wife