Clean Eating Challenge – Day #1

Happy Monday! Ok, maybe not so happy; its rainy and gloomy is southwest Ohio today. Regardless, we must start a new week and I’m trying to my best to start a good note. Starting today I am taking part of a Clean Eating Challenge…and no that doesn’t mean I am washing my food with soap and water! The goal is to eat less processed foods and fuel your body with natural options. Now, if you know me, you know we didn’t grow up eating organic food or salads for every meal or things deemed “Natural”. But as I look at things we ate growing up, many probably classified as natural because they came from the farm; like fresh garden veggies or home raised meat. As I start my challenge this week I am beginning to explore some new foods as well as working in those comfort foods from my youth.

I started my day off with a Jimmie Dean Delights French Toast Breakfast Sandwich; while not 100% clean, it was turkey sausage and was also in my freezer and I’m not about to let my hard earned money go to waste! My lunch was much better and I had a grilled chicken tender with quinoa, greek yogurt and an orange. If you haven’t tried quinoa, DO! I think its a perfect replacement for rice and doesn’t give you such a bloated feeling but more of a full feeling after eating it. Supper time came and much to K’s dismay, I made turkey burgers with some roasted veggies and quinoa. Ok, well I actually let him make regular hamburgers for himself…and he put left over sausage gravy on his roasted veggies. He doesn’t dislike this food, but he says, “Its no steak and potatoes!” I agree its not the same as a great, juicy, grilled t-bone, but for an everyday meal it isn’t bad.

Last night I stocked up at the store and honestly I’m kind of excited for our clean eating challenge! This challenge is like entering to the unknown but knowing that something good will come from it. every great journey begins with the first step! Hopefully ya’ll enjoy hearing and learning about my journey. If you want to know more about the challenge comment or message me and I can get you more info!
The Country Wife

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