Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

This weekend I finally had the chance to be product and finish up some loose ends on different projects. I also was finally able to wrap some Christmas presents. Thanks to my annual girls shopping trip with my best friend Erin, and some planning ahead, I would say 95% of my shopping is done. I’ve been saving up lots of different boxes to use for wrapping, including old cracker boxes, velveeta cheese boxes, boxes from wedding present, all sorts of things. I got the idea of using old boxes from my mother who often uses cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, pizza boxes or anything else around the house – so resourceful! Why waste money paying for extra boxes when you can use what you have! I’m so glad I had the time to wrap presents and was able to get most of my presents taken up to my parents this weekend so its one less thing we have to worry about packing when we head north for Christmas.

Well my inspiration for writing tonight is going slowly fading. Enjoy some pictures to get you into the Holiday spirit! Have a wonderful week!


Our first tree as a married couple 🙂


Cookie baker in training!


Funny candle I found at Marshalls

The Country Wife


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