Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry

Tonight I made one of the best suppers in weeks, ok maybe not weeks, but days for sure! K has been craving stir-fry so after looking around for some good recipes I stumbled upon a tasty one. The original recipe was for garlic chicken, but we had some left over shrimp from the holidays. This recipe ended up being pretty healthy and only 340 calories per 1 cup serving! This recipe is very simple and doesn’t take long to make. Continue reading


Sunday Stills – Version 2.3

today: Finally got to sleep in a little today, did some cleaning and picked out some new shelves for the kitchen.

want to be: able to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to workout!

blessings: having a hubby who helps with laundry and cleaning

about the week ahead at work. We have been meeting and planning a lot for 2013!

 meals for next week, my goals for next week.
Continue reading

Merry Christmas–Southern Fried Style

When Christmas came around and I was trying to figure out what to get K, I was at a loss. I had given both my parents and his all the good ideas I had…bad idea! I had looked around for some concert tickets or something fun and finally decided on tickets to go see the Southern Fried Chicks….Best Thing Ever! Three crazy ladies talking about everything they have encountered. I think K’s favorite topic was menopause or maybe how guys act when they are drunk. Mine was definitely when they talked about weight watchers and teenagers. Continue reading


Skinny Mini Breakfast Casserole

After making a yummy supper I thought I would keep kickin’ it in the kitchen and get prepared for the rest of the week. Ive seen lots of similar recipes on Pinterest like this but none that were quite what I wanted. Below is my own recipe for skinny mini breakfast casseroles! Continue reading


Menu Planning #2

Today starts week #3 of changing around my lifestyle and that includes eating better. Last week I didn’t do much menu planning at all and it definitely showed. So, this week I am going to get back into the planning gear. I made some fitness goals for myself this week too: Continue reading


Sunday Stills – Version 2.2

today: amazing breakfast with friends then driving…lots of driving!

want to be: home! We had a fun weekend away but ready to be in our own bed with our own fur baby

blessings: being able to pick up right where we left off with old friends even though its far and often few between when we are all together Continue reading


Weekly Recap – Thankful

Ok so I know my posts were slacking non existent this week and I apologize! Instead of making excuses I’m just going to share some more things I’m thankful for this week…

9. A job I truly love
10. The green industry
11. A husband who waits for me to get home before eating
12. Supportive and encouraging friends Continue reading