Merry Christmas–Southern Fried Style

When Christmas came around and I was trying to figure out what to get K, I was at a loss. I had given both my parents and his all the good ideas I had…bad idea! I had looked around for some concert tickets or something fun and finally decided on tickets to go see the Southern Fried Chicks….Best Thing Ever! Three crazy ladies talking about everything they have encountered. I think K’s favorite topic was menopause or maybe how guys act when they are drunk. Mine was definitely when they talked about weight watchers and teenagers.

At the show there was a group of 3 sisters there with their mother and I couldn’t help but think of my own Gma and my aunts. I could almost hear them all laughing in my head at the menopause jokes, and the weight watcher digs….”I went to waffle house and ate all my points for February….” If you ever find the chance to go see these ladies, DO IT! I think this was a great Christmas present for K and hope to find something just as good for his birthday!!

Photo: Kyle and the Country Fried Chicks!

The Country Wife


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