Spicy Mexican Chili

So being the nice wife that I am, knowing that K was working out in the cold and wind, I thought I would make him some soup for when he got home. Well I had gotten a chicken chili recipe from a coworker and thought it sounded good. Unfortunately when I got home, I did not have all the ingredients that I needed…sad face! But I decided to throw something together and see how it turned out. I wanted to make something spicy so K would actually like it. Check out the recipe below… Continue reading


Sundried Tomato Crab Cakes

Ok so my blogging this week has been less than par, but at least I have a great recipe to share! K and I love pretty much all things seafood, so the first time I made these it was a recipe I could keep! This time I decided to add a little kick to them and change it up since K has been requesting something different. These are so easy to make and healthy at the same time. Continue reading