Garden Goals

As the weather is finally starting to warm up I am anxiously waiting for the weather to stay warm so we can plant out garden! Last year we planted a ton of greenbeans, sweet corn, tomatoes, radishes, beets, onions, peppers, cucumbers, squash, cabbage and lettuce. This year I have decided to make some goals for our garden this year. We had some set backs which I have already decided are not going to slow our production down this year; especially with cabbage. Continue reading


Spring Has Sprung!

I know many of my readers are from Ohio, but if you aren’t and have never been here before, let me tell you a little secret about our weather. You maybe have heard jokes before about leaving the house with shorts and flip-flops on but needing a winter coat and snow boots at the end of the day…this is real life! Two weeks ago the high was almost 80 degrees and it was wonderful! Finally, we were done with snow and cold…or so we thought. Last week, just as the weekend was arriving the weather made a turn for the worse! Rain, cold, and wind…not so lovely; but thats an Ohio spring for you! Continue reading

Banana Oatmeal Cookies!

Hello my long lost blog followers/readers! Have you missed me? I’d like to think I was taking a little “Winter Break” from blogging. I am glad I chose tonight to make my Spring debut because I have a great recipe for you! Lately everyone at work seems to be bringing in all sorts of sweet treats and candy; NOT GOOD FOR MY DIET! While putting away¬†groceries¬†the other night I found two boxes of blueberry muffin mix so I decided to make those for work, that is not my recipe however! I thought while these muffins are better than some things I could eat, I still wanted to have a tasty sweet treat for those of us watching out weight. Check out the recipe below. Continue reading