Garden Goals

As the weather is finally starting to warm up I am anxiously waiting for the weather to stay warm so we can plant out garden! Last year we planted a ton of greenbeans, sweet corn, tomatoes, radishes, beets, onions, peppers, cucumbers, squash, cabbage and lettuce. This year I have decided to make some goals for our garden this year. We had some set backs which I have already decided are not going to slow our production down this year; especially with cabbage. We had a bad bug problem which seemed to happen over night with our cabbage and we lost almost every single head we had planted. I will be armed with my sevin this year and stand guard against bugs! Last year we also forgot to do a very vital thing in our tomato growing process…staking! By the time they were ready to stake, K was working over time and I was busy trying to stay on top of wedding details. But this year I’ve got some ideas brewing on more efficient ways to stake.

Last year with the amount of green beans and corn we grew, we were able to preserve enough of them to last us well into this year. We still have about 15-20 quarts of beans left and about 6-8 2 cup bags of sweet corn left. I’m thinking I need to share, but K also assured me that our greenbeans will last a while in the jars, so I guess we can consider our stock is already started for 2013-2014!

Below are some of my garden goals for 2013. I’m sure I will add some along the way so lets consider this list a work in progress!

1. Stake our Tomatoes to improve yields
2. Don’t let weeds get too out of hand (plan on putting some weed mat down before we plant)
3. Grow and pick cucumbers for pickling (K eats lots of pickles!)
4. Grow banana peppers to can (K also eats lots of banana peppers!)
5. Cook healthier meals with our vegetable during the summer
6. Can tomatoes for salsa, juice, pasta sauce and whole tomatoes
7. Preserve more food to help cut down on grocery bills
8. Discover new ways and new recipes to use in canning


Do you have a garden? What are some things you are growing or goals you have for your 2013 garden? Share and let me know!

The Country Wife


4 thoughts on “Garden Goals

  1. I found that if after the seedlings have emerged, I used preen for a vegtable garden and that helps alot with weeds…stakeing tomatoes is a must, but you need heavy duty wire! we find that the cone ones you can buy anywhere will still fall over with strong winds and sometimes the tomato plant with it…your canned veggies will last at least 2 years…don’t share yet! you may not get as many this year! I have also had freezer corn left from a year ago and it was still ok, I use quart bags, after I remove the air I flatten them, makes for better use of space in the freezer, I do my tomatos that way too. I also freeze green beans to use in my veggie soup and I freeze the cabbage for that as well. When I do make my soup I put it into 2 qt containers and freeze, this gives you 2 Big servings, that way you don’t get tired of eating soup over and over…good luck! I am not doing many beans this year, we will eat fresh and I like to pickle them with hot peppers! I do need to make more of them! and I can never have enough salsa or bruschetta topping for bread and chicken!

  2. Excellent goals! and I’m not just saying that because mine are almost exactly the same…or maybe I am. I don’t have your number 4 in my goals. I didn’t even buy seeds for banana peppers this year and I really should. We eat a lot of them. It’s still not too late, maybe I will! I need to freshen up on my canning skills too. Your green beans do look good!

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