Whats Growing in my Garden + Eating/Buying Local!

Wow! Once again I seemed to have taken a little break from this whole blogging thing…I swear I will get into a habit of better blogging. But I think I chose a great time to get things going again. I have finally started planting my garden…eek! I know, most people think why grow it when you can just buy it, but there is just that satisfaction of know I grew it. Plus, with the way my hubby eats tomatoes, peppers and beans, its way cheaper to plant a garden!

One of the many perks of having connections is the ability to go straight to the source of my plants. I didn’t have to go to a wal-mart, Lowes, or some chain garden center…I got to go right to the family who planted the seeds. I should have taken a picture of their greenhouses, because I was JEALOUS, maybe the most jealous I’ve ever been of something like that! But anyways, the Bakers grow all sorts of different veggies to sell at a few local farmers markets and this year I got word from my friend Kara that her dad was selling some plants. How much better does it get!? I was able to go and pick out almost every single vegetable plant I needed for my garden!!! They of course had lots of plants in the ground already and even had zucchini, onions, lettuce and spinach ready! I even got a little bonus head of Romaine lettuce…yes! Its so nice to be able to support local friends/businesses.

Ok so thanks to the Bakers, here is what I’m planting in my garden this year (I don’t remember all the specific types):

-Yellow Tomatoes
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
-Green Peppers
-Jalepeno Peppers
-Mixed Medley Peppers
-Red Cabbage
-Green Cabbage
-Pickling Cucumbers
(I think that’s it…)

Plus, along with that we are doing green beans, corn, beets and radishes from seed. I think we are going to have some great food to get us through the summer and well into winter! I already have recipes planned out and can’t wait to put my canners to good use!

If you are out at the markets in Clark/Champaign county area make sure you look for Bakers Acres! They usually wear pretty blue shirts and probably have the best looking produce! If your not from this area, check out the newspaper or online for when and where your farmers market is. This is the best time of year to get fresh from the garden veggies. Trust me, you can’t beat freshly grown food…I have the picture to prove it! Guess below which one was from the grocery store….


In case you didn’t figure it out, the one on the left is from the grocery store. I couldn’t believe how big this head of romaine was when she cut it off for me! It was so big I could hardly fit it in the picture!

What are you planting in your garden this year? Is it planted yet? Let me know, I would love to hear!

The Country Wife

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