Sunday Stills – Version 2.4

Its been a long while since I’ve done a Sunday Stills post, but in my effort to start blogging more, I thought I would start this back up!

today: Got a few more things done around the house and got some baking done! I find baking can be so therapeutic!

want to be: back on track with my lifestyle changes. I’ve been off a little these past few weeks, and I know I need to make some changes starting tomorrow!

blessings: My husband! He has been so helpful in getting things done around the house this weekend. Feeling so lucky to have him in my life!

Remembering all those in my life who have fought for the freedom I can enjoy today!

 my schedule to get back on track! Also planning my best friends wedding shower! Yay Kelly!

 my thoughts, my goals and my worries…

loving: the country life. Tonight we spend night #2 by the fire and I enjoyed every minute of it.

grateful: for family, both close and far away. Its hard to not be home this Memorial Day weekend, but knowing that no matter where I am, my heart is with my family.

favorite pic: our dinner tonight!970675_10103003187475145_1182235067_n


 Sunday stills take about five minutes to write – it’s my intentional way to ponder the week that has passed and to prep for the week to come. It’s a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday.

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