Old Habits Die Hard

Whats that saying about old habits dieing hard? I’m definitely feeling that right now! Lately I have caught myself falling back into some old ways regarding my diet/lifestyle. For a few months I was kicking butt and lost about 35lbs, but now I’m feeling a little burnt out on workouts and healthy food. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this and that everyone goes through this at some point…at least I hope! At work I catch myself going out to that pesky vending machine and getting snacks instead of packing healthy ones. I’ve also worked some wine and those darn Budlight Lime-a-ritas into my weekends. Oh, and all those carry-ins we have at work? Yea, those are getting harder and harder to resist!

Now don’t get me wrong, having off days is normal and I’m not trying to completely ban those things from my life. I personally can just feel that I’m not staying true to my lifestyle change and its bugging me. But I tend to be an emotional eater (ugh!) so I’m feeling bad about not following my lifestyle change so what do I do…eat a cookie, or drink a pop, or stop at Taco Bell!?!? I know its not the right thing to do and I wish I could be the type of person that wants to workout when they are angry but I’m just not there yet.

As a Beachbody Coach I feel like I’m supposed to be all fitness and health all the time, but thats just not happening right now. But, with the help of the Shakeology drinks and workout programs, I know I can get there.

Writing this post is serving as my confession and I know that once I get all this fitness anger/emotion/crappy-ness out, I will be able to get back on track! These darn lifestyle changes are not an easy thing to do and they take time, especially when you love food. Some of you have probably never had to do something like this and those that have know what I mean!  Luckily for me, I have a large support group of friends, family and co-workers who keep me motivated.

What do you do to help keep yourself motivated when it comes to a healthy lifestyle?

The Country Wife


2 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. Not sure that you’re looking for helpful tips, but here are some that I use. I use MFP and have the diary sharing setting to public–that means you can look at what exactly I eat. I feel like this setting helps keep me more accountable because I might be embarrassed for someone out there to see that I ate Pop-Tarts (like I did today haha). And buy some snack sized bags from the store–make all your snacks up on the weekend, you can even write on the bags what day they’re for, so you can just grab & go. Or, since you have a vending machine, limit the cash you take with you to work (or leave it out in the car)–can’t buy the snacks if you don’t have the money!!

    And I saw this quote in a magazine the other day, which I think fits well with your dilemma: “When a craving comes from something other than hunger, eating can’t satisfy it.” I wasn’t ever an emotional eater, I just ate junk because it tasted good. But I think it might be valid in your case 🙂 Hope this helped a little!!

    • I decided last night that this week I am going to get back onto and use MFP! Also, I like the idea of leaving cash in the car and then I won’t by snacks. I think the last few weeks I had just been going through a small “withdraw” of sorts and was stresses/busy planning the shower; it just all caught up with me. Thanks for the advice and the quote!!!

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