The Start of Year #2 & De-stressing!

Work today was a bear…or maybe more like an entire freakin’ circus!! My day started out crazy and just kept getting worse, and the whole time I’m thinking to myself “what will I do to relax when I get home?” Then I remember that its been a long time since I’ve sat down and written! So long, that many of you probably thought that I forgot about this blog…but I didn’t! I can pretty much sum up the past 6 weeks (almost 2 months) in just a few words:
-Editing Photos
– Work (can’t forget about that 40hr/week fun…)

Maybe its just me (although I doubt it), but summer has to be just about the busiest time for me! Its easy to say that this year was definitely our year for going to weddings, and most of them happened to fall in the summer months. Also we kicked up production in the garden this year (since we didn’t have a wedding to plan) and I was bound and determined to do something with all our harvested goodies. I did do great in preserving stuff this year and even got to make some different things, like jam, jelly and roasted tomatoes! I know it will be worth all the hard work this winter.

ALSO, since K and I celebrated our first anniversary this past weekend, I think its due time for a little revamping of the blog! First, I need to change my tag line since we are onto year number 2 and hopefully I will have much more to blog about ;). Be on the look out for more posts, more pictures and more me! After all, we did reach the unofficial end of summer, which means shorter days and the sooner I will end up on the couch blogging!!

The Country Wife


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