Hey Ya’ll!

Thank for checking out my blog. First things first, I am a newly married farm wife, working full time and trying to keep my creative side alive. Home is in western Ohio, with my hubby K and our dog Moose. Right now we are stuck er, living, in a ranch house with little storage, but lots of potential. I started this blog to document my first year as a wife and also to share ideas and stories with you; and maybe get some outside advice once in a while! I can be indecisive and kinda crazy but also laid back and organized…that’s what makes life fun!

The Country Wife

**Okay, I confess, I don’t really say ya’ll a lot but ever since I went to Paula Deen’s restaurant on the honeymoon its kinda stuck with me!**


3 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great idea for a blog! What sort of farm/ranch do you have? Are you off the land, or is your husband the rancher? I also moved into a very small house when I was first married, they were interesting times!

    • Both our parents are grain farmers; we grow corn, soybeans and wheat. Someday my husband and I are hoping to expand back into some livestock! I love living the farm life, but right now we both work off the farm too. Maybe someday…

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