High Five for Friday


TGIF!! Was it me or did this week seem like it took forever to get to Friday?! It was a fairly productive week at work and at home but it took longer than I would like. Yea, yea, I know it sounds crazy since every week is the same amount of time but I’m telling ya this one seemed longer. I’m really excited for this weekend because I am headed north to spend some time with my momma and god mother.
We are going to be sewing a rag snowman quilt at this awesome little quilt shop, Little Touch of Heaven. The owner of the shop is the mother of a girl I grew up with in 4-H. She started this shop after her daughter and father passed away. She realized that quilting was her was of coping with these tragedies and wanted to share this passion with others. If you are ever in Wayne, Ohio be sure to stop and check out this shop. It has been a place where my family has been to many times…and spent lots of money!
Anyways, below is a quick recap of my highs for the week! Enjoy 🙂

1. Success At Work – This week I was proud of myself for tackling a program at work and finally being able to run analysis on my own. Thankfully my boss was also pleasantly surprised with this too!

2. Harvest- Like I said in my earlier post; I love harvest! I think its a wonderful way to connect with family and work together for a common goal. I love that I am getting to share in this more with my new family and hope that I can contribute a little more in the future!

3. Trash – This week, after a productive start to my week at work, I wanted to bring that energy home. I did and successfully burned 3 loads of “junk” from our basement. Most of it was stuff from the previous owner, stuff the dog tore up and old/holey clothing. In my head I was thinking I should save the old clothes and do something with them (stuff a dog bed?) but I decided to just get rid of them. It was the right decision and made me feel better!

4. Feng Shui – So I don’t know the technical details of this ancient Chinese practice, but I did rearrange our bedroom and I think it made a huge difference. We have a very small bedroom and our queen size beds seems to fill most of it. I feel like I finally found a great way to utilize our space…that is until I stub my toe walking between the bed and dresser (its a whole FOOT apart). But for now I like it! I also have a few projects to spruce the space up too! Coming soon…

5. Challenge – Next week I am starting a BeachBody Challenge with my wonderful friends Kirsta and Kelly. Kelly is getting married next year so we are all 3 looking for a great reason to change our lifestyle and also shed some pounds. I am looking forward to their support during this challenge. I’m sure I will post about it, so stay tuned!

I really enjoy looking back at my week. It helps me realize how truly blessed and fortunate I am. I have two wonderful families, a wonderful husband and I’m so happy where I have ended up!

Have a great weekend and remember: God is Good!

The Country Wife


High Five Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am stealing my post idea from my sister-in-law (check out her blog The Sweet Life of a Sewing Mama). Every Friday she highlights the things she does throughout the week and links up to From My Grey Desk. We only live about 10 minutes from each other but I work full time and she has a 16-month old little sweetie that takes up her time, so blogging is a nice way to “stay in touch”!


1. Work- While I wouldn’t call it a highlight, it has been nice to be back at work and get back into our everyday lives. It was a busy week at work, but always feel good to know I accomplished goals and projects! (eww, that sounds so adult like!)

2. My Husband – I think its going to take some time before I really get used to saying that but this is our first week really making our home together and I’m loving it!! He has been a great this week helping with laundry from the honeymoon, organizing wedding presents and making supper with me 🙂

3. Hair – I got my hair cut! Plain and simple, I cut 4.5 inches off and it feels wonderful to have less hair!

4. Blogging – Now that my life is less consumed with wedding details and planning, I have gotten back into blogging. I’m indecisive so I’ve bounced between a few blogs recently but feel confident that this one will be great! (hopefully…)

5. Exercise – I’ve slowly started to get back into a semi-routine exercise regiment. I tried before the wedding but just felt stressed and overwhelmed with the expectations. But now I have more freedom to do what I am comfortable with and I LOVE IT! I feel great this week and hope to share with you all some of my favorite healthy eating recipes!


Have a wonderful weekend!