Whats Growing in my Garden + Eating/Buying Local!

Wow! Once again I seemed to have taken a little break from this whole blogging thing…I swear I will get into a habit of better blogging. But I think I chose a great time to get things going again. I have finally started planting my garden…eek! I know, most people think why grow it when you can just buy it, but there is just that satisfaction of know I grew it. Plus, with the way my hubby eats tomatoes, peppers and beans, its way cheaper to plant a garden! Continue reading


Lessons Learned in 4-H – Part One (of many!)

Tomorrow at work we are having a bake sale! Not only am I excited for yummy goodies but I’m also excited to show off sell some of my own treats! One thing I learned while taking numerous cooking projects in 4-H is that presentation can make or break your dish. I know this sounds silly to think that a bunch of 4-H kids were worrying about their food presentation, but its true! I remember each year before judging we would pick out the food we were making and then a theme to go with it. For instance, for my Star Spangled Foods project I think I made some sort of green beans with bacon and maybe a desert (we didn’t have to make our whole menu). To display my food, I remember exactly what place mat I used (looked like the flag), what flowers were on the table and what dishes I used. My food may not have been the best but I knew that I would get high points for how neat my place setting looked.

As I get ready for tomorrow bake sale, I’m remembering the same thing. Even if my treats aren’t the best tasting there (probably will be), I know they will look the cutest. Sure I could have just tossed them on a paper plate and slid them inside a zip-lock baggie like most people will probably do, but do they look as cute as this:

random 015b

Jars full of buckeyes, rebel bars and caramel bars! Dressed up with simple Christmas fabric over the lid, and a hand made mason jar tag.

random 020b

All the goodies for tomorrow! Jars of candy, cookies and then two assorted boxes…yummy!

random 022b

Just a closer look at the mason jar tags…cute right?

How do you like to add your own special touch to things, especially around the holidays? I think just a touch of ribbon, a bow or something unique makes things look so much better!

The Country Wife

P.S. Look for more posts about Lessons Learned in 4-H!! I might even entertain guest posts…comment if interested!