2012 Time Capsule

Recently I started following The Daily Post on WordPress, which gives daily prompts to write about on your blog. There have been some great ideas but until I got this one this morning I hadn’t actually thought about writing a post based on it. Today’s prompt was “Time Capsule” – what would I put in a 2012 time capsule? At first, a few ideas started coming right away to me, like one of our wedding programs/invites, a picture of our family, something from the presidential election, maybe something that shows the technology of 2012…but then I thought there needs to be more; something more fun!
So after careful thinking below is what I would place in a time capsule and why…

1. Wedding Invite – Just something exciting from 2012!
2. Magazine – One that would show style and fashion today.
3. CD – They probably won’t have these in a decade or two.
4. 2012 Calendar – Just a general thing
5. News article from election – I didn’t save any newspapers from when Obama was re-elected, and even though I didn’t vote for him, I do admit this was a pretty big thing for the US.
6. Tupperware Keychain – I sell it and who knows how much things will change by the time someone opens it!
7. Newspaper from Today – Another thing that may not be around in a decade or two.
8. Mini-Tractor – A symbol of our life as farmers.
9. Penny and Dollar Bill – I feel like these are both something else that could be non existent in a few decades! Besides maybe the person who digs it up would get rich finding money from 2012 😉
10. Special Note – Would write something down for whoever finds our little time capsule. Just talking about who we are and what we do.


Now the final question is what the heck would I do with it?! Bury it in the yard (no one may ever find it)? Shove it in the back of our closet? Place it in the attic? Where would you put your time capsule??

The Country Wife