Mid Week Check-in

In my Sunday Stills Post from this week I said I wanted to be more motivated for the week ahead so I thought I would do a quick check-in. I was tempted to call this post “Hump-Day Happenings” but wasn’t sure if that too…risque? Ha! Maybe if I continually post on “Hump-Day” I can call it that ūüėČ


My week so far has been going pretty good in terms of fitness/exercise/food. I wrote out a schedule on my calendar of workouts and a couple running/jogging goals. So far I have completed each workout I wrote down…but this evening will be a true test. Today I have schedule to go to the bike trail after work and do a one mile run/jog/walk. Thanks to the inspiration of my VBCF (Very Best Cousin Forever) I am going to push and see just how far I can run/jog without stopping. Once I do that I will go home and eat, then do my Chalean Extreme(CLX) Burn Circuit 2. I have a feeling I’m going to tired after both of those… My muscles are sore from CLX Burn Circuit 1 so I know that I will be feeling sore tomorrow!

As far as food goes, I have been trying really hard this week to stay on track and log all my meals. The past 2 days I have logged my meals in MFP (My Fitness Pal) and been under my calorie goals. Also I’ve been on a salad kick lately so that is definitely helping my caloric intake. I’ve also been cutting back on the amount of dressing on my salads. I would say I’m almost at a point where I want to taste the lettuce and veggies more so I don’t feel the need to cover it up with dressing. I have found that Kraft Lite House Italian and Kraft Lite Parmesean Asiago Balsamic Vinegarette are my go to dressings now instead of ranch! This is a shock to me; I used to only use ranch and put it on everything!¬† What are your favorite dressings for salad? I’ve been trying to find some good recipes to make my own but haven’t found one I love yet.¬†

Now, there is one area that I haven’t been motivated on…HOUSEWORK! I need the cleaning fairy to come and do my dishes and fold laundry! Any volunteers? Anyone? ANYONE? Ok fine, be that way! I will just do it myself (sometime)…

Oh and I almost forgot; we harvested the first goodies er, veggies from the garden this week. Our radishes are getting huge and are ready to eat. I don’t like them so hopefully K eats lots of them. I also plan to take some¬† home to my mom and gma because they love them!

Happy Hump Day!
The Country Wife


Sunday Stills – Version 2.2

today:¬†amazing breakfast with friends then driving…lots of driving!

want to be: home! We had a fun weekend away but ready to be in our own bed with our own fur baby

blessings: being able to pick up right where we left off with old friends even though its far and often few between when we are all together Continue reading

Menu Planning?

Just like most people this time of year, here in the D household we are going to be changing our eating habits! We both have agreed on a goal of losing 100lbs combined by my friend Kelly’s wedding at the end of August. It will also be our 1 year anniversary that same weekend. In an effort to start things off right, we went to the grocery store today and loaded up! Our cart was half full with fresh fruit and veggies then with other healthy choices.

I was trying to be good before we went and plan out all of our meals for the week. Do you think that actually happened? Ha! Nope, I was too busy doing dishes and picking up the kitchen. I do know some of the things I plan to make this week  for dinner however. Below are a few things and hopefully I remember to take pictures throughout the week; then share the recipes!

– Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
-Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Oven Fries
-Shrimp Stir Fry
-Garlic Marinated Chicken (delicious chicken wing sauce from New Years)
-Panko Breaded Pork Chops

Of course most of these will be paired with a ton of veggies, salad and fruit. Is anyone else eating healthy this new year? I would love to hear your recipes or workout plans. Remember…one of my goals for 2013 is to become more of a fit¬†addict!

Have a great week!

The Country Wife

The Simple Things – Thankful

Ever since i started blogging I’ve always thought I should post a picture when I publish a new post but tonight ithinki will just keep it simple. Keeping with the simple things, I thought in keeping with one of my new years goals I would post things I’m thankful for this week; my way of finding more good in every day. This is also something my sister in law does on her blog : The Sweet Life of a Sewing Mama.

1. Spending new years with my new family
2. Moose
3. Learning new things
4. Movie nights at home
5. Fun coworkers
6. Snow covered
7. Hot coffee on cold days
8. Ugly sweaters

Have a great weekend everyone!!

The County Wife

Welcome Back, Country Wife!

Ok so its been almost 1 whole month since I have posted and my best excuse is not having time! I realize I could post little bits here and there but I guess I wanted to do more than that (which is going to change)! I work for a company that does a large portion of its sales though catalogs, and as 2013 is just around the corner, so was the production of our biggest catalog of the year. Basically after sitting at a computer all day and working on things for that, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and do more computer work. Luckily, the worst part is over and I can get into the holiday mood and back into the things I like to do; like blogging!

I was thinking on my drive to work today that Christmas is coming and reminded myself how much fun I had doing the 12 Crafts of Christmas on my Crafty Enough? blog last year. I think I will do the same thing this year!! Even if I didn’t have a lot of readers or visits, it was a good reason to spend more time in my craft room. Also, this year since I’m married and the house is¬†technically¬†mine too, I feel more apt to decorate and change things around.

Speaking of changing things around…look what I did last night! Kyle was chopping corn stalks and I had some time to clean/fold laundry/catch up on tv. I found the head of an old landscape rake that I used 2 years ago at the Farmers Market selling jewelry. I have one of these in my craft room that I put my jewelry, sunglasses, hair ties, etc, on but needed to figure out what to do with the last one. I had seen a lot of different uses on Pinterest for these (wine glass rack, kitchen spoon holder, jewelry, pearls). But last night while trying to figure out where to hang in the kitchen…it hit me! I should use it as a hand towel rack!

Since we redid our bathroom a year ago, I’ve been missing a hand town rack. After suggesting multiple times that we buy one, I just decided this would be the perfect thing. What do you think? What other uses can you think of for an old rake?

Also in my effort to be productive and get into the Christmas spirit I put up my tree tonight! I¬†absolutely¬†love the tree skirt; it was a shower gift from a good family friend. Happy holidays ūüôā2012-11-28 20.58.03.jpg

The Country Wife

High Five For Friday


I’m glad I waited until I got to my parents tonight to post this! Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk again this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Keeping this one short and sweet…but hey, at least I’m blogging!

1. We have finally found a home for almost every shower present…which means I can bring home the rest of our wedding presents!!

2. Updating my photography gear for a wedding this weekend!

3. Cooking. I made some awesome meals in the crock pot including beef stew and home style turkey!

4. A little victory for the week, but at work there was a problem with out website and I just couldn’t let it go. Finally I figured it out and it felt so great to solve that problem! Check it out if you are into gardening and such: http://www.amleo.com!

5. Coming home (for the wedding photography) and getting to see my adorable niece!! I miss her to pieces!