My 2014 Bucket List

1. Lose at least 50lbs
2. Complete 3 5K’s
3. Send more cards/letters to friends through snail mail
4. Try at least 1 new recipe from my collection of cook books each month
5. Plant new plants in the garden (I’m thinking carrots, potatoes, horse radish, more herbs and greens)
6. Keep my flower beds more weed free!
7. Keep a cleaner house
8. Write at least one blog post a week (52 posts for 2014…seems pretty do-able)
9. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge (Image here)
10. Spend less on groceries
11. Redo the master bedroom
12. Put more heart into my job
13. Take more photos for fun!

Lucky number 13 is a good place to stop for my 2014 bucket list…at least for now! I’m sure I will keep adding to this as the year goes on, but I really think this is a good start. A mix of things to do, even if some are just little things. Here’s to a great 2014! If you have goals or a bucket list, link below in the comments…I would love to hear them!

The Country Wife


A Peaceful Place

This is a short and sweet midnight post…I was editing pictures tonight and decided to look at a few from Christmas eve at church. There are certain things in life that just bring a sense of calm into your heart and being at this church on Christmas Eve does just that! I’m certain that one day I will find a church in our area that brings this sense of peace to me, but for now I’m perfectly content with driving 2 hours to be here! Enjoy a few pictures of the church I went to growing up…

Christmas 026
Christmas 051
Christmas 050
Christmas 024The Country Wife

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So after a few days of family time, presents and Christmas blessings I can’t believe that 2013 is coming to a close soon! With the new year comes new goals and New Years Resolutions….Did you know that on average only 8% of people actually keep and reach their resolutions each year?! That’s crazy to think about, but I am not shocked. Each year I make goals for the new year but its not often that I actually stick to them each year.

Thinking back to last year I’m sure I was like many people and vowed to lose weight and eat healthy. I probably said I was going to blog more too…yea, that was kind of a miss! But I am happy to report that I lost about 40lbs over the course of 2013! Its not much, but was a good start on my road to getting healthier. I can also say that this year will include more fitness and health goals, but instead of making specific resolutions I’m going to make a 2013 Bucket List! Cheesy? Maybe…Unique? Probably Not…What I think will help me have a great 2014?? ABSOLUTELY!

I have 6 days to come up with the start of my bucket list for 2014, but plan to continuously add to it as the year goes on. Right now I know things that will be included are:

1. Lose at least 50lbs
2. Complete 3 5K’s
3. Send more cards/letters to friends through snail mail
4. Try at least 1 new recipe from my collection of cook books each month
5. Plant new plants in the garden
6. Keep my flower beds more weed free!
7. Keep a cleaner house
8. Write at least one blog post a week (52 posts for 2014)

I’m sure I will be adding a lot more items to this, but I think its a great start! I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holiday season! I look forward to a great 2014!

The Country Wife

Happy Blog-iversary!

So wordpress tells me that today is indeed my 1 year Blog-Iversary! Hard to believe I’ve been writing as the Country Wife for 1 year…but that means I’ve also been married for over a year! Tonight I spent some time looking back at old posts and old blog pictures. I can tell that over just one year (not constant posting) that I really let myself show my true side by the end of this year. When I first started blogging I don’t think I really knew what kind of voice I was going for; but now I know. My voice is me! Sounds silly right? I follow so many different bloggers and I realized the ones I like best are the ones who are real. They aren’t trying to pretend that they are someone else, or they or living a better life than the rest of us. They show their true lives, and I hope to do the same!
So let me finish this post with a big THANK YOU to all my readers/likers/followers. I know I didn’t post all the time and maybe not about the most interesting things, but I will cherish that I have my first year of marriage chronicled here, and I got to share it will all of you!

My goals for this next blog year are:

1. Be Me 100%
2. Blog More!
3. Enjoy Every Minute! (Blogging is no fun when its a chore…)

Thanks again everyone!

The Country Wife

The Start of Year #2 & De-stressing!

Work today was a bear…or maybe more like an entire freakin’ circus!! My day started out crazy and just kept getting worse, and the whole time I’m thinking to myself “what will I do to relax when I get home?” Then I remember that its been a long time since I’ve sat down and written! So long, that many of you probably thought that I forgot about this blog…but I didn’t! I can pretty much sum up the past 6 weeks (almost 2 months) in just a few words:
-Editing Photos
– Work (can’t forget about that 40hr/week fun…)

Maybe its just me (although I doubt it), but summer has to be just about the busiest time for me! Its easy to say that this year was definitely our year for going to weddings, and most of them happened to fall in the summer months. Also we kicked up production in the garden this year (since we didn’t have a wedding to plan) and I was bound and determined to do something with all our harvested goodies. I did do great in preserving stuff this year and even got to make some different things, like jam, jelly and roasted tomatoes! I know it will be worth all the hard work this winter.

ALSO, since K and I celebrated our first anniversary this past weekend, I think its due time for a little revamping of the blog! First, I need to change my tag line since we are onto year number 2 and hopefully I will have much more to blog about ;). Be on the look out for more posts, more pictures and more me! After all, we did reach the unofficial end of summer, which means shorter days and the sooner I will end up on the couch blogging!!

The Country Wife

Whats Cookin’ – Lightened Up Spinach Dip

I am so sad that my three day weekend is coming to an end, but the scales will be happy. This weekend there were a few extra drinks downed and a few extra sweet treats made. However, I was able to lighten up one of my holiday/cookout favorites. I always love serving spinach dip inside Hawaiian Bread so when the thought crossed my mind to substitute in some Greek yogurt, I knew I had to make it! Below is my take on spinach dip, lightened up!

Lightened Up Spinach Dip

1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed & well drained
16 oz. Greek yogurt
1 package Knorr vegetable recipe mix
1/2 c. light Hellmans mayo
1 tablespoon garlic seasoning (garlic salt or powder)

Combine all ingredients together and chill until serving. Great with pretzels, crackers, Hawaiian bread, tortilla chips and more!

Lightened Up Spinach Dip  - {Husband Approved!}

Lightened Up Spinach Dip – {Husband Approved!}


Now for some pictures of other food I made this weekend. I should have taken pictures of all of it! Besides the pictures below I also made corn bread, friendship break cookies, peach cobbler, broccoli delight, whole wheat pancakes, hmm I think that’s the major foods!

Breakfast Pudgy Pies - Eggs, Sausage and Cheese cooked over the fire!

Breakfast Pudgy Pies – Eggs, Sausage and Cheese cooked over the fire!

Sweet Peppers with Cream Cheese, Wrapped in Bacon!

Sweet Peppers with Cream Cheese, Wrapped in Bacon!

Grilled Potatoes, Onions and Sweet Peppers

Grilled Potatoes, Onions and Sweet Peppers

Hope everyone has a great week! I know I’m going to be a day off all week!

The Country Wife


Sundried Tomato Crab Cakes

Ok so my blogging this week has been less than par, but at least I have a great recipe to share! K and I love pretty much all things seafood, so the first time I made these it was a recipe I could keep! This time I decided to add a little kick to them and change it up since K has been requesting something different. These are so easy to make and healthy at the same time. Continue reading