Monday Moments – The First of 2014

I really planned to post this last night but then fell asleep watching the national championship game. Then I was going to post this at lunch today, but ended up skipping lunch because I was swamped at work. Now I’m working from home, but decided to take a few minutes to post this!

today: had a crazy day at work! I really just want to spend the rest of the night under a warm blanket doing nothing….but that won’t happen.

want to be: feeling better! ready for whatever 2014 throws our way.

blessings: making it to and from work safely. The roads are not the worst I’ve ever seen but definitely always happy when I make it to my destination safely.

thinking: seems like lately I’m always thinking of the 1,000,000 +1 things I have to do…

planning: my workouts for the week. excited to have a workout buddy for tomorrow after work!

writing: this post. nothing much else…thinking about getting a head start on my bucket list and sending some cards to friends just to say hi.

loving: the cold weather (kinda)! I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in alaska!


Whats Growing in my Garden + Eating/Buying Local!

Wow! Once again I seemed to have taken a little break from this whole blogging thing…I swear I will get into a habit of better blogging. But I think I chose a great time to get things going again. I have finally started planting my garden…eek! I know, most people think why grow it when you can just buy it, but there is just that satisfaction of know I grew it. Plus, with the way my hubby eats tomatoes, peppers and beans, its way cheaper to plant a garden! Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung!

I know many of my readers are from Ohio, but if you aren’t and have never been here before, let me tell you a little secret about our weather. You maybe have heard jokes before about leaving the house with shorts and flip-flops on but needing a winter coat and snow boots at the end of the day…this is real life! Two weeks ago the high was almost 80 degrees and it was wonderful! Finally, we were done with snow and cold…or so we thought. Last week, just as the weekend was arriving the weather made a turn for the worse! Rain, cold, and wind…not so lovely; but thats an Ohio spring for you! Continue reading

Welcome Back, Country Wife!

Ok so its been almost 1 whole month since I have posted and my best excuse is not having time! I realize I could post little bits here and there but I guess I wanted to do more than that (which is going to change)! I work for a company that does a large portion of its sales though catalogs, and as 2013 is just around the corner, so was the production of our biggest catalog of the year. Basically after sitting at a computer all day and working on things for that, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and do more computer work. Luckily, the worst part is over and I can get into the holiday mood and back into the things I like to do; like blogging!

I was thinking on my drive to work today that Christmas is coming and reminded myself how much fun I had doing the 12 Crafts of Christmas on my Crafty Enough? blog last year. I think I will do the same thing this year!! Even if I didn’t have a lot of readers or visits, it was a good reason to spend more time in my craft room. Also, this year since I’m married and the house is technically mine too, I feel more apt to decorate and change things around.

Speaking of changing things around…look what I did last night! Kyle was chopping corn stalks and I had some time to clean/fold laundry/catch up on tv. I found the head of an old landscape rake that I used 2 years ago at the Farmers Market selling jewelry. I have one of these in my craft room that I put my jewelry, sunglasses, hair ties, etc, on but needed to figure out what to do with the last one. I had seen a lot of different uses on Pinterest for these (wine glass rack, kitchen spoon holder, jewelry, pearls). But last night while trying to figure out where to hang in the kitchen…it hit me! I should use it as a hand towel rack!

Since we redid our bathroom a year ago, I’ve been missing a hand town rack. After suggesting multiple times that we buy one, I just decided this would be the perfect thing. What do you think? What other uses can you think of for an old rake?

Also in my effort to be productive and get into the Christmas spirit I put up my tree tonight! I absolutely love the tree skirt; it was a shower gift from a good family friend. Happy holidays 🙂2012-11-28 20.58.03.jpg

The Country Wife

Taxi Driver

Without a doubt, I always look forward to fall; mostly because of harvest. For those of you that don’t know, this time of year in Ohio is when farmers are harvesting the corn and soybeans in the fields. Tonight while helping the hubby, his brother and father, I got to play the role of taxi driver and food delivery girl. While I may not be skilled enough to drive the big trucks I can definitely help move vehicles and people around. After moving down to this part of Ohio I had to change my way of thinking when it came to harvest and dinner time.

When I was younger we would make what we considered “field friendly” meals. It could be anything from lasagna and bread to cheesy potatoes and meat loaf. Well down in this neck of the woods (or at least with the hub’s family) field friendly is lunch meat, chips and an apple. Occasionally the M-I-L will make a burger or some subs, but usually its nothing fancy. Tonight it was lunch meat warmed up on some burger buns…not my idea of a good meal. I am doing my best to adjust to this but sometimes I just want to tell them I’m bringing good food and they must stop for 10 minutes to eat.  Maybe some day…

Well for tonight this is all I got. We just got home from an evening at the farm and its almost time for some Duck Dynasty! This show is by far a very entertaining one.

God Bless and have a great night!!

The Country Wife