Monday Moments – The First of 2014

I really planned to post this last night but then fell asleep watching the national championship game. Then I was going to post this at lunch today, but ended up skipping lunch because I was swamped at work. Now I’m working from home, but decided to take a few minutes to post this!

today: had a crazy day at work! I really just want to spend the rest of the night under a warm blanket doing nothing….but that won’t happen.

want to be: feeling better! ready for whatever 2014 throws our way.

blessings: making it to and from work safely. The roads are not the worst I’ve ever seen but definitely always happy when I make it to my destination safely.

thinking: seems like lately I’m always thinking of the 1,000,000 +1 things I have to do…

planning: my workouts for the week. excited to have a workout buddy for tomorrow after work!

writing: this post. nothing much else…thinking about getting a head start on my bucket list and sending some cards to friends just to say hi.

loving: the cold weather (kinda)! I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in alaska!


My 2014 Bucket List

1. Lose at least 50lbs
2. Complete 3 5K’s
3. Send more cards/letters to friends through snail mail
4. Try at least 1 new recipe from my collection of cook books each month
5. Plant new plants in the garden (I’m thinking carrots, potatoes, horse radish, more herbs and greens)
6. Keep my flower beds more weed free!
7. Keep a cleaner house
8. Write at least one blog post a week (52 posts for 2014…seems pretty do-able)
9. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge (Image here)
10. Spend less on groceries
11. Redo the master bedroom
12. Put more heart into my job
13. Take more photos for fun!

Lucky number 13 is a good place to stop for my 2014 bucket list…at least for now! I’m sure I will keep adding to this as the year goes on, but I really think this is a good start. A mix of things to do, even if some are just little things. Here’s to a great 2014! If you have goals or a bucket list, link below in the comments…I would love to hear them!

The Country Wife

Monday Moments

Once again I forgot to do my Sunday Stills post! If I didn’t know better I would say I’m losing my mind…but as my mother says, I am just thinking about way too many things.

today: worked (boo). working out. promoting my next BeachBody Challenge. doing day 1 of C25K

want to be: organized, organized, organized

blessings: thankful for the rain and the growing crops

thinking: about my week and making plans

planning: new jewelry designs. BeachBody Cup promotions

writing: schedule for the week and sticking to it

loving: celebrating our engagement anniversary and first date anniversary 🙂

grateful: for my mom who passed down some canning skills and confidence in me to can produce from the garden


Sunday Stills – Version 2.3

today: Finally got to sleep in a little today, did some cleaning and picked out some new shelves for the kitchen.

want to be: able to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to workout!

blessings: having a hubby who helps with laundry and cleaning

about the week ahead at work. We have been meeting and planning a lot for 2013!

 meals for next week, my goals for next week.
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Merry Christmas–Southern Fried Style

When Christmas came around and I was trying to figure out what to get K, I was at a loss. I had given both my parents and his all the good ideas I had…bad idea! I had looked around for some concert tickets or something fun and finally decided on tickets to go see the Southern Fried Chicks….Best Thing Ever! Three crazy ladies talking about everything they have encountered. I think K’s favorite topic was menopause or maybe how guys act when they are drunk. Mine was definitely when they talked about weight watchers and teenagers. Continue reading

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

This weekend I finally had the chance to be product and finish up some loose ends on different projects. I also was finally able to wrap some Christmas presents. Thanks to my annual girls shopping trip with my best friend Erin, and some planning ahead, I would say 95% of my shopping is done. I’ve been saving up lots of different boxes to use for wrapping, including old cracker boxes, velveeta cheese boxes, boxes from wedding present, all sorts of things. I got the idea of using old boxes from my mother who often uses cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, pizza boxes or anything else around the house – so resourceful! Why waste money paying for extra boxes when you can use what you have! I’m so glad I had the time to wrap presents and was able to get most of my presents taken up to my parents this weekend so its one less thing we have to worry about packing when we head north for Christmas.

Well my inspiration for writing tonight is going slowly fading. Enjoy some pictures to get you into the Holiday spirit! Have a wonderful week!


Our first tree as a married couple 🙂


Cookie baker in training!


Funny candle I found at Marshalls

The Country Wife

A Rite Of Passage

Growing up I always watched my mom and grandma mix up goodies using their KitchenAid mixers, so when the time came to register for wedding gifts I knew I would have one on my list! I got it for a shower gift but in the whirl wind of wedding planning and the wedding I have yet to use it…hard to believe, right?! But tonight after cleaning up the kitchen I decided I needed to create a home for this brushed steel beauty. We don’t have a big kitchen or a lot of counter space, but lets be honest, if something is sitting on your counter your more apt to use it; therefore, on my counter it will sit!


Tomorrow morning I have big plans for my mixer! I’m going to whip up one of my holiday favorite treats: Divinity. This was something my mom always made to add to her cookie trays during the Christmas season. I was going to tackle it tonight but if you refer to a previous post, I’m not always the best at baking/cooking late at night!  I’m also excited to try out some of the wonderful recipes that cam in my KitchenAid mixer cook book!

Stay tuned for my post on divinity, hopefully I can get some good pictures taken while cooking!

The Country Wife