Skinny Sloppy Joe Casserole

First I should say that the can of manwich I found in the cupboard may have been expired by a few months but I was craving sloppy joes and didn’t want to make my own sauce (easy to do…will share that recipe sometime too)! I found the original recipe last night while reading some of the blogs I follow. As soon as I saw the recipe my wheels started turning and I knew that I could make into something a little healthier. There are a few things I am going to do different next time like using reduced fat crescent rolls, 2% cheddar cheese and adding in some more veggies to the mix! But before I babble on too long, here is the recipe many of you have been waiting for! Ok, so only like 2 people asked for it, but its dang delicious so everyone should try it….Kyle even told me I could make it again, and that’s a win in my book!

Skinny Sloppy Joe Casserole (Makes 4 Servings

1 Can Crescent Rolls
1 Can Manwich Sloppy Joe Mix
1 Lb Lean Ground Turkey
1/2  Cup Cheese (I used cheddar)

Optional Add-ins:
Onion, Green Peppers, Garlic, Yellow Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a greased 8×8 or 9×9 pan, spread half the crescent roll dough into the bottom. Cook ground turkey until browned/cooked through. Add in optional ingredients like onions, peppers, garlic, etc…I used those three but plan to add more next time! Next add in manwich mix and heat until bubbly. Pour meat mixture into pan. Sprinkle cheese on top then add the other half of the crescent rolls. I rolled/smushed the crescent rolls out on a cutting board to make sure it was the right size to cover the meat/cheese mixture. For some extra flavor I added garlic salt on the top of the crescent rolls. Finally, bake until the crescent rolls are golden; about 15 minutes. Enjoy!

skinny skoppy joe casserole

Divide into 4 portions and enjoy! Per serving this is about 475 calories. I think if I used the reduced fat crescent rolls and the 2% cheese I could get this amount down some. Also you could make the servings a little smaller and maybe add some more veggies, fruit or a salad for sides. You could also try using different meat options. I had some ground chicken in the freezer too but I’m saving that for some chicken meatballs later in the week!

skinny skoppy joe casserole

The Country Wife

*Here is the link to the original recipe:


Monday Moments

Once again I forgot to do my Sunday Stills post! If I didn’t know better I would say I’m losing my mind…but as my mother says, I am just thinking about way too many things.

today: worked (boo). working out. promoting my next BeachBody Challenge. doing day 1 of C25K

want to be: organized, organized, organized

blessings: thankful for the rain and the growing crops

thinking: about my week and making plans

planning: new jewelry designs. BeachBody Cup promotions

writing: schedule for the week and sticking to it

loving: celebrating our engagement anniversary and first date anniversary 🙂

grateful: for my mom who passed down some canning skills and confidence in me to can produce from the garden


Week 3: Motivational Monday

It happens to me every week; Monday morning rolls around and I get this feeling of a new start, plan new goals for the week and get motivation! Usually by Monday at 4:30 when I get off work all those feelings are gone. However, this weekend was not as productive as I wanted since K was sick. I had big plans to get the kitchen clean, organize our closets and clean the basement. Well I got the kitchen clean, but then I decided to make apple dumplings (post to come soon!), so then it was a mess again. We did get all the storage containers bought to put decorations from the craft room closet in and extra wedding gifts we won’t use for a while…but that’s as far as cleaning the basement got.


Sneak peak of some yummy apple dumplings!

Even though I wasn’t sick this weekend, seeing K relaxed and snoozing all day made me feel drowsy too. Maybe I was having sympathy sickness ha! This was the first weekend since the wedding that we actually had to just relax and do whatever, so I tried to take advantage of that. To try and keep my motivation running longer than 8 hours, I thought I would post my list of goals for the week on here (you guys keep me in check!). I will try to update you throughout the week on how these tasks are coming so stay tuned!

Goals for the Week:

1. Clean Kitchen
2. Continue to organize holiday decorations & closets (See before picture below)


So much stuff!!

3. DO LAUNDRY (for some reason I always struggle with this)
4. Keep blogging
5. Exercise ( I’m going to start a couch to 5k training this week in prep for a 12/1/12 5K)
6. Edit pics and get ready for weekend ( I am shooting my first wedding this weekend…eek)
7. Remember to enjoy time with my Husband

Ok, well there ya have it. Lucky number 7; I think I can do this. Of course there are many other things to do but these are the important ones. If my mother was reading she would tell me to add thank you notes to this list…But I think I’ll wait! I hope you all have a wonderful week and good luck staying motivated. Feel free to share any of your motivational tips too! They can be for cleaning, cooking, exercise or whatever!

The Country Wife