Monday Moments – The First of 2014

I really planned to post this last night but then fell asleep watching the national championship game. Then I was going to post this at lunch today, but ended up skipping lunch because I was swamped at work. Now I’m working from home, but decided to take a few minutes to post this!

today: had a crazy day at work! I really just want to spend the rest of the night under a warm blanket doing nothing….but that won’t happen.

want to be: feeling better! ready for whatever 2014 throws our way.

blessings: making it to and from work safely. The roads are not the worst I’ve ever seen but definitely always happy when I make it to my destination safely.

thinking: seems like lately I’m always thinking of the 1,000,000 +1 things I have to do…

planning: my workouts for the week. excited to have a workout buddy for tomorrow after work!

writing: this post. nothing much else…thinking about getting a head start on my bucket list and sending some cards to friends just to say hi.

loving: the cold weather (kinda)! I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in alaska!


Monday Moments: End of 2013

This post is supposed to be done on Sundays as a way to stop and reflect of the past week. Like usual I never remember to do this until Monday. This week I’d like to think that because I was sick I forgot to do it…either way here is my Sunday Stills/Monday Moments.

today: slept a lot. took down the Christmas tree ( not because I’m a scrooge…we have a small living room! I wanted some space back! )

want to be: feeling better! ready for whatever 2014 throws our way.

blessings: family time. a wonderful christmas season.

thinking: all the things to come in 2014; the things we know are coming and the unknown.

planning: my nutrition and workouts for 2014. goals for 2014.

writing: my 2014 bucket list.

loving: my husband. long story short: I was sick yesterday and wasn’t sure if I would make it to the big Wensink Christmas, but my husband offered to drive 2 hours to take our presents and food. In the end I went, but just that offer made me love him even more! Not many guys are willing to drive 2 hours to spend the afternoon with his wifes family!!!

grateful: for a roof over our heads, a warm house and plenty of stuff…this time of year always make you think a little of the less fortunate.


kyles apple chrisp trophy

Kyles trophy for winning best dessert at Wensink Christmas!

The Country Wife

Monday Moments

Once again I forgot to do my Sunday Stills post! If I didn’t know better I would say I’m losing my mind…but as my mother says, I am just thinking about way too many things.

today: worked (boo). working out. promoting my next BeachBody Challenge. doing day 1 of C25K

want to be: organized, organized, organized

blessings: thankful for the rain and the growing crops

thinking: about my week and making plans

planning: new jewelry designs. BeachBody Cup promotions

writing: schedule for the week and sticking to it

loving: celebrating our engagement anniversary and first date anniversary 🙂

grateful: for my mom who passed down some canning skills and confidence in me to can produce from the garden


Monday Moments

I forgot to do my Sunday Stills post last night, so I’m doing it today!

today:  worked. now laundry, cleaning and supper. Oh and working out of course 😉

want to be: cooler! its stinkin’ hot out there

blessings: celebrating the ordination into priesthood of a good friend, Father Jeff Walker (see favorite pic)

thinking:  how nice it will be to stay home this weekend

planning: workouts and meals for the week

writing: birthday card for a family member who turns 80…at least I think its 80!

loving: getting to experience my home church community come together to celebrate a wonderful event.

grateful:  my wonderful husband. he has put up with me being gone for the past 3 weekends!

favorite pic:  Everyone who came out to celebrate with Father Jeff!

Everyone who came out to support Father Jeff at his first mass Sunday morning!

Everyone who came out to support Father Jeff at his first mass Sunday morning!


The Country Wife

Sunday Stills – Version 2.4

Its been a long while since I’ve done a Sunday Stills post, but in my effort to start blogging more, I thought I would start this back up!

today: Got a few more things done around the house and got some baking done! I find baking can be so therapeutic!

want to be: back on track with my lifestyle changes. I’ve been off a little these past few weeks, and I know I need to make some changes starting tomorrow!

blessings: My husband! He has been so helpful in getting things done around the house this weekend. Feeling so lucky to have him in my life!

Remembering all those in my life who have fought for the freedom I can enjoy today!

 my schedule to get back on track! Also planning my best friends wedding shower! Yay Kelly!

 my thoughts, my goals and my worries…

loving: the country life. Tonight we spend night #2 by the fire and I enjoyed every minute of it.

grateful: for family, both close and far away. Its hard to not be home this Memorial Day weekend, but knowing that no matter where I am, my heart is with my family.

favorite pic: our dinner tonight!970675_10103003187475145_1182235067_n


 Sunday stills take about five minutes to write – it’s my intentional way to ponder the week that has passed and to prep for the week to come. It’s a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday.

Sunday Stills – Version 2.3

today: Finally got to sleep in a little today, did some cleaning and picked out some new shelves for the kitchen.

want to be: able to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to workout!

blessings: having a hubby who helps with laundry and cleaning

about the week ahead at work. We have been meeting and planning a lot for 2013!

 meals for next week, my goals for next week.
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